3 gedachten over “Elektrisch gaan kan de motorfietsindustrie doen herleven

  • 11 januari 2020 om 00:34

    I kind of agree… but think this is trying a bit too hard. I don’t think motorbike sales are falling because people can’t shift gears and don’t like how they sound.

    They’re falling because of cost, safety and congestion. EV bikes don’t solve that.

    What I do think will happen however is that the current crop of young people used to having electric versions of everything – skateboards, bicycles, scooters, etc, will be pre-disposed to make the leap to electric motorbikes from their e-bikes.

    Our friendship group now has a range of ages to the kids in it from infant to early teen, and we’re not a particularly well off group, but there’s toddlers with electric ride on toys and kids with the skateboards and teens with the e bikes and scooters, so yeah I definitely think young people growing up with all that will find the transition a more natural and logical one as they’ll be used to electric personal transport and cars are just going to continue to make less and less sense short of some kind of apocalypse. Plus, we’ve had a long time now of EV companies branding them as cool which is important.


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